3 Features to Look Up In An Ideal Test Environment Management Tool

When looking for the best possible results from the test environment, opting for the Test environment management tool is an ideal thing done by every test environment management professional. Integrating the QA activities with some solid test management tool makes it easier to create and manage the test cases with faster and effective test cases.

With the development in technological field, most of the enterprises are moving towards DevOps methodology due to which the chances of perfection and collaboration has increased in the field of test environment management. But, the biggest issue these days, is the confusion for selection of the appropriate test environment management tool. Here, in this article, you will find three features that the test environment management tool must contain in order to be an ideal tool for test environment management.

3 Features to Look Up In An Ideal Test Environment Management Tool

The Tool Must Be Secure

The Test environment management tool that you are selecting, must provide you high grade security to let you protect your test assets and the confidential information about your projects. Make sure that the tool contains SSL driven security, so that you can distribute the test data with no worries of getting misused. Hence, this is a very important thing to be taken care of, in order to keep the test projects safe and secure.

It Should Integrate with Automation and CI Tools

When looking for the finely working test environment tool, you should look for the one that integrates with the generally used test automation tools such as Selenium, Watir and a lot more. The reason why this is necessary is that it can help you sync and run the tests regularly along with the automation of the entire process including test management. This automation can reduce the time and efforts of the QA team.

Also, they must integrate with the CI tools such as Jenkins which will enhance the build release cycles.

It Must Integrate with Issue Tracking Tools

While selecting the TEM tool, this is one of the most important things to be taken care of. Make sure that the tool you are selecting integrates with the well known bug tracking tools such as Jira, FogBugz. When the tool integrates easily, it helps you to manage the test issues easily. When the bug tracking tools get integrated, the resolving of the test cases becomes easier as it offers corresponding issue status. When this is done, your tool can help you create the feedback mechanism which will enhance the quality of the result.

While making the selection for your Test environment management tool, make sure that the tool meets all the above mentioned qualities.


Basic Success Factors For A Successful Test Environment Management

Test Environment Management is simply a function in the software delivery process that mentors the software testing process by offering a validated and stable test environment. It is a very difficult task to control and manage the test environment at enterprise level. An entire Test environment management consists of multiple components such as hardwares, softwares, databases. The test data that is contained by the software can be managed by tools, procedures, and resources effectively.

The enterprises generally establish and maintain the test environments in order to make smooth and error free launching of the softwares. But, with the increasing number of tools in the software industry, it becomes difficult to manage the testing environment. Not only difficult, it is complex, costly and time consuming to have an effective management of the test environment at an enterprise level. It is said that nearly 40% of the time is consumed by the environment itself. Here in the article, you will find certain success factors that will lead you to a successful test environment management.

Basic Success Factors For A Successful Test Environment Management

Managing The Resources Effectively

At enterprise level, in order to maintain a successful test environment management, it is necessary to have a dedicated test environment team. The test environment team is the only point of contact for managing all the activities that are related to the test environment management. Managing the test environment team in a manner to get the best-in-class results is one of the major factors for a successful test environment management tool.

Powerful Program Governance

It is necessary to establish a well planned strategy at an enterprise level totally based on blueprint of the production environment and the test requirements of the future. You must make sure that the test environment team always follows the standard test process and is achieving continuous improvements. Ultimately, the success of the test environment entirely depends on the governance strategy followed by the team.

Operations Excellence

Optimizing the processes by simplifying and reusing the assets properly can lead the entire test environment towards a great success and highly productive results. Standardization of Test environment management help in having efficient results of the software development. Not only planning, but it is also necessary to properly implement all the strategies and plans made for the successful test environment management. An successful Test Environment Management would require a well-structured requirement discussion, elaboration, validation and definition.

Automate The Process

At the end, the major factor that comes into consideration is the automation of the testing process. Managing the entire test environment manually can require a large number of resources and managing them can sometimes be difficult. Hence automating the test environment activities will let you minimize the dependency. This process will ensure the improvement in turnaround time for test environment provisioning.

How The Cloud Disrupts Test Environment Management

The Cloud is now available with lots of new possibilities and is now changing how the test environment people have been doubting the capabilities of the cloud computing. Cloud has gained a great attraction in so less time that many technologies are affected by this. The Cloud has now became a great tool used in hosting programs and also provides collaboration opportunities across teams. This platform has also come up with new possibilities for agile testing methodologies. The cloud has changed the way through which the test environment professionals has been doubting their capabilities. In the below article, you will find how cloud disrupts the Test environment management.

How The Cloud Disrupts Test Environment ManagementThe Only Solution to the Traditional Issues

With the advancement in the technologies, test environment management professionals are quickly getting adapted to the agile methods. The only issue with the agile methods can be the issues that were found in traditional practices will surely occur due to the lack of appropriate tools. Here comes the speciality of the cloud as it offers a great variety of capabilities to the test environment professionals in order to support agile and management of the testing. It is often seen that legacy development environments offers limited accessibility, poor collaboration and hence results into low quality results.

Whereas, with cloud, the team will be having centralized space which will make it easy to share and collaboration will be made better than the rest. Ultimately, there will be a great improvement in the communication and project quality.

Testing Capabilities Improved! YAY!

So, do you think cloud only improves the capabilities of the Test environment management? No! It upgrades the entire testing capabilities. It is an unwritten rule that testing of the application must be done on all the Operating Systems possible. For this, the cloud can be the great option as it offers best possible test environments which will simply leverage all the necessary services, and makes it easy for the testing professionals to access their programs which will in return ensure the identification of defects in the application.

These functions by cloud will be greatly helpful for better testing processes and will result in the perfect software development.

Hence, the cloud is a very important part of the testing and it probably has no limits when it comes to test environment capabilities.

Using cloud the Test environment management will not only be easy, but the testing professionals will be able to make the testing process precise and would result into perfection of the software development. The quality of the testing process can be made accurate.

The cloud disrupts the testing management majorly when it comes to the quality upgradation of the testing results.

Guide Your Test Environment Management Through Service Virtualization

Applications, as well as Software solutions, are not developed in isolation without knowing the requirements of users. In recent customer outline, it is unavoidable to consider all types of storyline that may appear and act as a challenge regarding the software or application to execute and operate effectively. It is important to break down those isolation parts to build a cohesive and friendly atmosphere for development. By providing a mimic environment, service virtualization makes Test environment management practicable for the overall development process.

Service Virtualization is a creative point of view which provide developers and testers a good space to test their applications in a continuous progressive environment. By assuming this creative process, the whole application or database is not virtualized, it is only the performance that is compulsory for the testers for use cases is created.

Guide Your Test Environment Management Through Service Virtualization

While initially, ‘Service Virtualization’ was just a concept to implement the focus on mimic web services, the new concept for Service Virtualization crucially brings down the configuration time, data management efforts as well as hardware overhead required for constructing up and managing a workable development and testing atmosphere.

Service Virtualization boosted with Testing Environment Management is specifically suitable for developing and effectively implementing enterprise class solutions and applications. As the developers on the project keep changing and at the same time the testing environment keeps on advancing continuously, there is a necessity to set up and manage a Test environment.

Furthermore, steadfast Test Environment Management enables organizations to cut down on costs, achieve faster time-to-market, and meet desired quality standards.

Provocation in Test Environment Management
Test Environment Management provides developers a stable test environment for testing software or application in a LIVE production environment and removes bugs. These Environments requires to be controlled and hold up to charge with the complete reason to get the desired results and meet the testing essentials.

The whole estimation of experts says that a major problem that crew faces with their testing environment is its administrations, which demolish roughly 40% of software development efforts.

Here are few challenges faced by the management of test environment:

  • Rules of test environments for helping ongoing and future projects
  • applying accurate capacity and further demands
  • building a testing environment with different assets
  • Fruitful resource allocation process and standards
  • approachable, sufficient support for any likely matter in the test environment
  • Continuously taking burden for any activity in the test environment

It is been noted that when an application development structure tends to get difficult, ventures are thrust to choose between time and quality. Although, Test environment management can be supported ever in this scenario, where some easy steps or operations can be acquired to keep up the quality and strength of the test environment.

Best operations by experts approve that the first step to build a sustainable TEM is to assign the possession to an individual, crew, or function. If the possession is in partnership, it leads to confusion and mismanagement. Very importantly, it offers a single tip of contact for crew across the organization.

Advantages of Test Environment Management (TEM) Services

Similar to the quote that is used in various industries, i.e. “Measure Twice, Cut Once”, A principle “Test Twice, Develop Once” should be followed in the software development and by the developers who are striving to deliver best-in-class software development. Testing a software plays a vital role in the entire development process. Having a Test environment management can help you in many ways such as reducing the costs, having a quality result, and at the end an improved reputation for quality products.

When it comes to software development, the major complexities faced are generally cost, quality and time. All you need to have an effective Test Environment is certain fundamental tools and procedures that can let you have a complete test environment functionality. But in return, these test environment management services can benefit you in various innumerable ways, if they are efficient and responsive.

Advantages of Test Environment Management (TEM) Services

Quality, One of the major benefits of the Test environment service is the quality of the work delivered is improved. A level of quality can be assured when you have tested the software properly. When teams work with testing and development altogether, the quality of the software delivered can be above the expectation of the client even. A particular standard can be maintained by the organization once they invest in the development of the testing environment. Containing certain test management tools can make the teams increase their testing coverage, improve their defect mitigation capabilities and get their deployment streamlined. These test environment can fix the issues faster than the developers can.

Having an entire environment can make the selection and utilization better and reduces the test cost of the organization. Along with the cost, testing time can also be reduced as the environment contains consistent procedures for allocation, setup and delivery of the test capabilities. As the entire team can optimize the requirements and cases of the testing, they can choose the best strategies and tools which will improve test coverage of the software.

An appropriate test environment management can provide value added benefits such as detailed evaluations of the testing tools, frameworks and cloud based testing services. An efficient testing environment management does not require various teams for the testing of the software on various devices. You always have the backup of the software before it is live, hence even if the software contains some error after going live, you at least have a backup saved for the further problems found. If you do not have a test environment you may not save the backup. So, this can be even helpful there.

The Test environment management may have certain limitations according to the requirement, but overall it contains various benefits. This can even help your developers to develop the software without any kind of errors and reduces the reworking of the developers as the changes are to be made before the software goes live. As once the software goes live, solving the errors can make the developers resolve it twice hence the labour work can be reduced by this environment.

Improve Testing With The Right Combination Of Test Environment Management Tool

The testing is one of the most crucial part of any technological process. Testing is the procedure that includes the final conclusion of the entire process that takes place into account. Until the test environment management was done manually, it was a process that took longer time to complete and was not as precise as it is now, with test environment management tools. Test environment management tools have made the testing easier and more precise than it was, earlier. But selecting a right test environment management tools is a biggest challenge for any person from IT environment.

Improve Testing

When opting for an appropriate test environment management tool, the testing can be benefitted in various ways. It mitigates the project delays that is caused by the environment outages. The test environment management tool helps the team to reduce the lost testing time that is caused by misconfiguration of the environment, unplanned outages, or any other contentions. These tools are such that it ensures that the proper environment is allocated at the appropriate time so that it can avoid every kind of misconfiguration or contentions. These kind of testing without any misconfiguration of the Test environment can make the testing process more precise and complete it with more security.

The appropriate test environment management tool increases the productivity of the entire testing process. With the right combination of test environment management tool, you can get a unified source of truth for all the information that is related to the test environment and also make the information available broadly to all the functional teams. With this information, you can implement the processes in order to help the teams to stay engaged in the test environment activities like data refreshes, new environment setups and a lot more. All these processes ultimately helps in increasing the productivity of the entire test environment.

Using the Test environment management tools can be helpful to you when it comes to the financial aspects of the test environment. As the proper combination of the tools leads to proper scheduling and configuration of the environment, it lets relevant cost drivers to allow forecasting of the environmental costs and cross charges of the teams to have the actual usage of the environment and cost of the entire test process. This tools play a major role in reclaiming the working of the environment faster with lower costs.

Test environment is a fixing in organizations’ procedures for adapting to progressively mind boggling and requesting testing prerequisites. An all around arranged TEM usage will pay great looking profits through quicker advancement/test cycles, lessened testing costs, enhanced quality and the inborn advantages of building up a testing focus of brilliance. Testing must be done very nicely and must not change any kind of security measures to the IT environment in any ways. The software delivery process totally depends on the testing environment and with these test environment management tools, you can make the working and the results of the testing.

4 Benefits of Using Test Environment Management Tool

Test environment management tool is a tool that is used for controlling, managing and handling the whole environment and procedure of testing the data. These may include some hardware, software, database applications and also the test data which is managed by all other tools.

Using a Test environment management tool, there can be a lot of pros to be experienced. Along with the increase in number of test environment management tools these days, it is difficult to find out the most appropriate management tool for the testing process. These tools simplifies our lives to a great extent. The testing process becomes simpler and more precise with the help of such management tools. Investing in the test environment management tools can be the most important thing an organization can do. So they should invest in a standardized, efficient and responsive management tool for the test environment. Here are some of the benefits of using test environment management tools:

4 Benefits of Using Test Environment Management Tool

Simplifies The Test Effort

When we use the test environment management tool, the testing is automated and it reduces the dependency. Manual testing is a process which require a lot of efforts and a perfect concentration in order to get the most appropriate results of the testing. Managing a team of test environment enthusiasts can be a very difficult task to be done manually. Hence, these efforts done manually can be simplified with the help of the test environment management tools.

Reduces The Testing Cost

First and foremost thing, using these test environment management tools can reduce the cost of Test environment in many ways. A single tool is capable to work equal to the work of an entire testing team. The cost of paying the team, managing their personal systems, and having a manual testing environment, all these are directly reduced by using the test management tool. These tool combines environment scheduling and the capability of configuration with some relevant cost drivers, this will help you to reduce your final cost of testing at a great extent.

Saves The Testing Time

The time in which an automated tool completes the testing and in which the entire testing team does the same is totally different. With the tool, the testing is automated and is done quickly in no time. Whereas the team does the manual testing and that requires a lot of time. Even after the lot of time consumption, the testing done by the team manually may not be so accurate as the testing done by the tool will be. So along with saving the time, the accuracy of the result will be highly slanted towards the tool.

Optimizes The Test Requirements

In order to have an excellent operation as well as result, this management tool will optimize the entire requirement process done by the testing environment. They optimize it according to the functionality of the process or operations featured in the tool itself. When the team does it manually, they do not have option of optimizing the requirements, so they have to process the testing of the entire application.

Hence, using a Test environment management tool can be very beneficial to the organization.